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I love taking pictures. They force me to look at things from different perspectives and in different lights…no pun intended.

Self Portrait in Shadow

Self_Portrait, originally uploaded by revjebjr.

I’m still in OOB with my folks and taking every chance I can to take pix. This self portrait was taken at about 11:30 at night after shooting over 300 exposures at the OOB Pier and fireworks. While walking the mile back to my folks, and jamming out to Israel Houghton’s The Power of One on my iPod, my shadow in the streetlight caught my eye. I’m pretty pleased at the DoF (those who frequent “Sallie Alley” should recognize the sidewalk).

It might be hard for those of you who don’t know what OOB means to Salvationists (yes, I still consider myself a Salvationist) to understand, but the sight of our shadows at this point brings precious memories of decades at camp meetings. There are generations of “Sallies” that have walked along this same stretch of sidewalk accompanied by our shadows…

…there’s just something about it that brings a contented sigh; sea breezes, fresh summer air, brass bands, camp meeting choruses, “forever” friends, Bible studies, the beach, prayer teams, ministry at the pier, amusment lights, Pier Fries (I had to wipe the salt and vinegar from my hands to take this pic) simply good times.

Sunset Flowers

DSC_0554, originally uploaded by revjebjr.

I’m currently in Old Orchard Beach, ME with my folks. Dad was in the hospital with diverticulitis. It was actually a blessing because it led to the doctors finding a mass on his kidney that they wouldn’t have found otherwise.

I flew up on Saturday and have plans to be back home on September 2nd, but might stay longer depending on if the doctors decide to perform surgery or not and how they plan on doing it.

This, of course, follows my notebook crashing and being out of commission for a week. So, I’ve been out of my routine for a while. That’s good news and bad news. The good is that it’s been a welcome break from my routine. The bad is that it’s been an unwelcome break from my routine. Thus, no Insurgent Love blog posts.

But, I promise to make it up. It’s going to remain top secret for now. Stay tuned…it’ll be worth it…I promise.

Boo on the Dock

DSC_0129, originally uploaded by revjebjr.

My daughter and I went out to catch a sunset, but there were far too many clouds in the west. Playing around with ambient light I had her pose for me. Then we spent the evening driving around until after 10:00 chasing lightning to no avail. So, we took some more pictures of downtown Green Cove Springs, but now I’m over my limit to upload to flickr for the month. They’ll be online soon, though.