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Boo on the Dock

DSC_0129, originally uploaded by revjebjr.

My daughter and I went out to catch a sunset, but there were far too many clouds in the west. Playing around with ambient light I had her pose for me. Then we spent the evening driving around until after 10:00 chasing lightning to no avail. So, we took some more pictures of downtown Green Cove Springs, but now I’m over my limit to upload to flickr for the month. They’ll be online soon, though.

I see God as…

These are the results for “I see God as…” There is one more from Tyler Satcher who will be our guest blogger on Monday.

Dan Rubel…love. Pure and simple.

Elaine Jones Brock…my wonderful heavenly Father whose arms are always open to me…!

Michael Young…the master musician.

Melissa Johnson…gentle, loving, Father 🙂

Ken Chapman…love, so deep we cannot comprehend in our humaness.

Darren Mudge…friend, master, comforter, healer, Lord, life, faith, grace, hope, power, purity, mercy, love, breath, bread, water of life, my all in all.

@mamaonmission…FOR ME! (as opposed to against me) 🙂